With Christmas right around the corner, now is the time to plan that perfect day, where all worries are put aside and you and your loved one can come together. Imagine Images are there to capture that moment, we want to capture the second you arrive, when you walk down the aisle, all the smiling faces of friends and family members. We at Imagine Images have the privilege of immortalising those amazing moments.

Hosting your wedding in Edinburgh is the perfect choice, the rolling hills and the natural beauty of the scotland landscape will only add to your wedding ceremony. Any special requests you have on the day will be happily seen to by our pair of trained photographers. We’ll make sure the venue is beautifully photographed and every part of  the day is seen to with expert precision.

Enjoy stress free photography on your big day

We at Imagine Images have a true passion for capturing the happiest moments of our clients lives, making sure all aspects from the day are covered and everyone is involved. Whilst you’re busy getting married, we’ll be making sure we have the highest quality pictures so that you don’t need to stress.

With hundreds of weddings successfully photographed, you can rest easy knowing that our photographers will capture you looking your best. We build up a raporte with the happy couple to ensure we understand your needs perfectly

Ensure that your wedding is beautifully photographed by a talented wedding photographer when you book Imagine Images for the occasion.

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